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Pacat ca ma grabesc. [Too bad I'm in a hurry.] A blog about computational design, generative art, geometry, math, architecture and the means employed to materialize these forms of expression. It's an ongoing chronicle of my personal research in this field and an information pool for curious minds. Without fancy words, it's a haha place for me. Not topic oriented, more or less it is flow oriented.

Jun 21, 2007

Sound Arcs, revisiting

This video recording done with my cameraphone.
A nifty addition to the sketch - everything is inside a big sphere lighted with a spotlight, which gives us a very nice gradient to the background. Hack came off this processing discourse topic.

Windows application is here, Mac application is here. No sketch-in-a-browser for this one. The code is in the zip file.

Yep, and music credits - soma.fm presenting "Urchin" - not the 70's band google's throwing in its searches.

Jun 20, 2007

arcs and sound

Simple yet effective:

A nice way of using lookup tables - tribute to toxi.
No applet for this one, nor for the DLA fractals toy - this one uses sound, and it's a big hassle getting the applet singed and then making opengl work properly in a browser; maybe in some distant future, i'll export the apps and upload them. Code available on request - there's not much to it, though :)
Oh, and exporting the video using Shiffman's moviemaker library.

Jun 15, 2007

Difusion Limited Aggregation

Sau DLA pe scurt. Joaca buna in processing in loc sa invatam pentru geometrie sau rezistenta materialelor. Numa buni fractalii astia de testat toxiclibs - bune chestii, restpect.

More to come soon. M-am gandit si we shall react to sound. Nu cu chestiile astea, devin prea complicate geometric in prea putin timp. Nu-i asa ca arata bine daca le colorezi?

Jun 1, 2007

We give you: football!

Don't you just love our Architecture School? Playing football with a dodecahedron. Shout-out to our teachers, for making this possible. We respect the way you respect us.

Filmed inside UAUIM, 4th floor, right around the corner.



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