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Jul 14, 2007

birthday thing

Birthday resolutions (things that are nice to say when starting new things):

  1. I gotta get a job. asap. :)
  2. gotta smoke less
  3. gotta focus more on work
  4. gotta do some regular sport exercises.
  5. gotta focus on making a portfolio out of all those stupid p55 sketches i have lying around
  6. gotta publish this on the 3rd of July
  7. gotta study for exams

I forgot about this draft from a while ago. It's never too late. Also thanks for all the birthday treats i got from everybody :)


Cavalera said...

so after reading #4, i have one question, do you wanna lose some weight? :D

Didi said...

not as much as promote a healthy lifestyle :p



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