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Pacat ca ma grabesc. [Too bad I'm in a hurry.] A blog about computational design, generative art, geometry, math, architecture and the means employed to materialize these forms of expression. It's an ongoing chronicle of my personal research in this field and an information pool for curious minds. Without fancy words, it's a haha place for me. Not topic oriented, more or less it is flow oriented.

Mar 11, 2007


Boids. Simple algorithms to seek (or arrive), evade, separate, flock etc. extended in troix d.
You can find some theory here.

I'm having lots of fun with them.
Also, I found the red book of opengl online for free.

This Vector3D library saves me a lot of headaches. On the same site there you'll find some simple 2d boids.

I am planning on starting to make direct opengl calls. At least for the tails of the boids.

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