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Pacat ca ma grabesc. [Too bad I'm in a hurry.] A blog about computational design, generative art, geometry, math, architecture and the means employed to materialize these forms of expression. It's an ongoing chronicle of my personal research in this field and an information pool for curious minds. Without fancy words, it's a haha place for me. Not topic oriented, more or less it is flow oriented.

Feb 8, 2007

for that

small segment of individuals that are used to Adobe's (Macromedia's) Flash ActionScript coding environment, or for those of you that like to have a movie clip class somewhere in processing but just can't get near it (because of sloppy oop skills or other various reasons), I highly recommend using this as a semi-substitute. It' better than nothing, allows you to create more complex shapes using less complex methods. Still, if you want to do something spectacular, well, there's this library (quite a jewel, but it makes life too easy for me to rest comfortable).

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