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Feb 16, 2007

Theatre play projection update

Today the piece I did for Gabriel was screened for the first time. It turned out nice and I managed to get a good concept behind it. As it goes with most code that generates something abstract, the underlying idea may take numerous shapes. Personally, I like to think of it as responsive, generative tag cloud for the character's (actor's) thoughts, expressions and gestures. Here's a screenshot:

(not the best one but time is pressing)
How does it work? It's easy: the actor goes on reciting his monologue (yes, the theater play "Veghe" by Morris Panich is just one big monologue). I type in every word that is important, or has a special resonance, etc. (abstract tags?) and that word gets into a big rotating chaos. It pops out whenever i type it again. Multiple instances of the same word are allowed. Also, the whole business may start with a predefined list of words (list that can be anytime expanded).
This shifts the whole business to a more performance-like theater play due to the subtle interactivity insert.

Note to self: A nice expansion would be the ability to let the public send in by bluetooth their own words. Now that would be nice.


meinhard said...

hi didi, good stuff! the screenshot looks nice, and also the use in contemporary theatre is a good one. and you are always telling me that there is nothing like that going on in buc. ;) i can't get the processing applet working though. it stops when initialising opengl i think. but this computer here has been known for being bad a t 3d stuff. a pity..

Didi said...

bah. i have messed up java on this computer. java 1.5, java 1.42... i've lost a little control over the issue. The test applets for JOGL are working fine, but what I export isn't working even for me in a browser.



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